Introducing Finduit

Integrating institutions with the account aggregator framework can be a complex, cumbersome process. Our ReBIT compliant plug and play TSP solution - Finduit, is designed to help FIUs ease the process and ensure seamless data flow, so your team can focus on the core business.



Key Features

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Mandated APIs along with digital signature

Place consent requests with any Account Aggregator, store consent artefacts, or request for one-time or periodic encrypted data

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Notifications from AA

Finduit is equipped with a set of APIs that can be integrated with any FIU application that consumes the data received from the AA

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Data encryption as per regulatory compliance

Our TSP utilizes the anonymous key-agreement scheme Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) to generate a shared key privy only to you and the FIP

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Estimated billing calculator

If you are working with multiple AAs, Finduit allows you to see cost estimates

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Drip reminder campaigns for better conversion

When consent is unapproved by a consumer using CAMSFinserv handle, system will auto trigger SMS and emails to facilitate higher conversions

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Data governance as per regulatory compliance

Finduit purges or archives expired data to eliminate misuse of customer data

Learn more about CAMSfinserv account aggregator.

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Sachidanand Jha


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