Technical & Domain consulting services

Sterling provides technical & domain consulting using its deep domain knowledge of business in mutual fund industry. Our strong grasp of industry, federal regulations and compliances will help you whittle down software development duration and eliminate compliance violations.

This is done by combining business and technology expertise to deliver comprehensive services for the application engagement lifecycle. We deep dive to understand the business vision and propose the most appropriate techno-business strategy to ensure transforming the “as-is solution” to the “dream solution”.

We focus in designing a robust scalable architecture as the core foundation for your product. We do everything during the entire product development lifecycle to ensure ‘on-time, on-budget, as per scope and schedule’ delivery.

We work collaboratively and closely with you to ensure that the final product meets all your business and strategic goals.

We will be the bridge bearing all the load and carry you through the journey of Business goal -> I conversion to reach your destination “dream solution

Our forte

    • Understand the business vision – Comprehend and think through from a user’s standpoint. Ask more relevant questions and understand the client’s business plan.
    • Suggest the right technology and architecture – Tailor-made to suit client’s requirements, budget, timelines, latest IT trends and best practices.
    • Conduct detailed Technical Feasibility Analysis
    • Upfront detailing and outlining all technical complexities, challenges, risks and suggesting alternative approaches.
    • Staggered approach – Phased technical execution
    • Being nimble and agile
    • Competitor Benchmarking

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