Sterling Software’s Business Intelligence services offers a portfolio of solutions which consist of applications and technology to support their use. It includes the technology industry’s premier Enterprise products and consists of the BI foundation as well as uses tools like the mobile analytics, Presto query engines for faster extraction, integrated array of query, analysis, alerting, data integration and management, operational BI applications and data warehousing solutions.

Turn data to insights and insights into actions. We're remodeling the relationship between business and data, with a transformational, collaborative and real- time experience

Data Visualization

With our self-service analytics, clients can now easily access, explore and analyze data.

Enterprise Reporting

Our solutions offer a variety of enterprise reports, documents and dashboards.

Predictive Analysis

Our service helps in anticipating behavior helping our clients make the right insights and decisions.

Analytics Smart chart

Our smart charts are designed to understand our client’s language and help them arrive at useful data

Enterprise Security

Our services follow a stringent security requirement helping our clients in trusting us and our solutions

Data Modelling & Transformation Services

Extending access to your entire Data Ecosystem, including Multiple Data Sources Simultaneously

Data Mining & Forecasting

Our Business intelligence services is designed to help clients tackle their toughest business decisions

Dashboards & Scorecards

With our services, Clients can use business and operational dashboards that drive a better understanding of your organization.

Real time Data Refresh

All our dashboards & scorecards enjoy real time data refresh offering our clients with the most recent and accurate data

Alert & Proactive Notification

Our Services supports the condition-based/event-based delivery of reports, documents, and dashboards


Our services used to extract data from source databases, transform and cleanse the data and load it into a target database

Distribution Services

Offers efficient, high-volume distribution of reports, documents, and dashboards.

Services Snapshot

  • Architect

  • Desktop

  • Web

  • Reporter

  • Communicator

  • Application

  • Libraries

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Badges

  • Privileges & Permissions

  • Roles & Filters

  • Dossiers

  • Dashboards

  • Documents

  • Distributions

  • Data Services

  • Dictionaries

  • Views

  • Cubes

  • Models

  • Attributes

  • Metrics

  • Templates

  • Filters

  • Sets & Forms

  • Intelligence

  • Analytics

  • Distribution

  • Telemetry & Identity

  • Geospatial

  • Language

  • Relational

  • Analytics

  • OLAP

  • Big Data

  • Logical

  • Application

  • Multiple Dimensional OLAP

Application Services
Drivers & Gateway


Our Solutions

  • Help Financial organizations and Asset Management companies to improve their operational & sales performances

  • Improve the customer experience through personalized services and offerings, combining all customer data with real-time social interaction information, to create an actionable understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors

  • Harvest and use the data created through connected devices to improve business performance and to create innovative consumer services

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Case Study


SBI Mutual Funds

SBI Mutual Fund (SBIMF) over the last few years have been witnessing significant increase in the overall number of transactions across channels. Part of the increase is attributable to the recent growth of the Asset Management industry, both in terms of Asset under Management (AuM) and number of investors.

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