For RTA's across the world, the foremost challenge is the need to adhere, adopt and adapt to global standards in technological and operational areas in addition to remain competitive and handle ongoing pressures due to regulatory compliances. Our core offering, the InvesTrak, delivers a versatile solution that features powerful admin and front-end controls to manage CRM, agent registration, transaction acceptance and processing, product configuration, brokerage and commission processing. As a flexible solution, InvesTrak’s capabilities extend by enabling a connection to third-party applications through its API.

Our InvesTrak, the Transfer Agency product suite is the bedrock on which over ~69% of Assets under Management (AuM) of the Indian Fund industry is serviced

“InvesTrak,a core RTA platform used by our Parent company CAMS, is a comprehensive Registry and Transfer agency services solution which is highly scalable, efficient and coherent. The product offers seamless processing across front, middle and back offices to enable transparent and interactive service delivery to customers, provide real-time processing with enhanced functionalities and has the ability to scale significantly.”

A Multifaceted Platform

    • Data warehouse
    • Rich reporting capability
    • Reduced TCO
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Brokerage setup and computation
    • Increased Operational Efficiency
    • High Scalability

Scale of Operations

    • Top-tier Fund Managers
    • Over $250 billion of AuM

With InvesTrak,
RTA firms can
benefit from


The product has successfully been benchmarked to support millions of transactions.

Cost Saving

Greater flexibility and reduced TCO through open and highly interoperable technology components

Business Needs

Increased efficiency in operations and facile front-to-back office processing


Supports coverage for wide range of funds and asset classes including multi-currency

Increased Productivity

24/7 reliable solution to service all needs

Regulatory Compliance

Support Compliance to Global Standards

Case Study


CAMS, India’s Largest RTA

InvesTrak powers India’s largest Registrar and Transfer Agency (R&TA) service provider to manage funds of over 16 top Asset Management companies (AMCs) whose Asset under Management (AuM) exceeds ~USD 250 billion and account for over ~69% of the country’s Mutual Fund AuM

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