INVESMF360 is an one-stop front office solution that caters to Asset Management Companies (AMC) and customer service centers to manage all investor queries and transactions, distributor enquiries and reporting. Powered by intuitive UI, this application acts as an entry point and indirectly plays a vital role with customers who invest money in Mutual Fund. It is capable of handling high volume transactions for a single day across all locations. The application is built on a 3-Tier Architecture with new age UI designs, easy navigation and is embedded with a scan & view tool.

Front Office Solution Process Flow


Front Office processes are greatly customised to suit client needs. Services include

    •   Responding to customer queries & providing / mailing the Account Statement of Investor
    •   Printing of Account Statements and couriering to meet
      delivery standards
    •   Acceptance of Financial & Non-financial requests
    •   Customised reporting for AMC users
    •   Provision to scan / entry transactions in online
    •   Call Centre Service
    •   Live database, real-time updation and access
    •   Online reconciliation of collection accounts through banks by providing electronic subscription feed in each location and Consolidated return feed from banks to back office for updating cleared status
    •   Banking Operations such as System generated high / low value pay-in-slips are used for Deposits and Follow up for cheque returns
    •   Mailing of original documents to Back Office by courier on the same day
    •   Generating Bank Deposit Slips
    •   Application & Transaction image view
    •   Workflow creation for customer queries
    •   Bulk Scanning and CTS scanning will be implemented
    •   Authorisation of transactions to Back Office
    •   Interaction with AMC, Banks and Back Office Units

Case Study


CAMS, India’s Largest Mutual Fund Registrar & Transfer Agent

CAMS has deployed Sterling's MF360 to power its front-office branches nationally. MF360 enables CAMS front-offices to set customer service standards through its intutitive UI, thought through functionalities and rich reporting capability.

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